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Did you know that all the medicines available to you today were once tested on patients to make sure they were safe and effective.  This is a branch of research called "Clinical Research," whereby pharmaceutical companies engage physicians to work with them on bringing new medicines to market for the general public.  All drugs that are out there today have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and effective for the general public.

Every Body is Different.....

Did you ever notice that some medication may work better for you than another. That is because each person has a distinct genetic make up.  Luckily today,  pharmaceutical companies are doing extensive research and coming out with more medications that may work better for your genetic makeup.

Your Medical Staff has Extensive Research and Medical Experience.......

Marilyn Moran, B.S., MBA  Director of Research

Einstein Clinical was formed in  2012 by Marilyn Moran.  Ms. Moran has spent 20 years managing large scale clinical programs for  some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, which includes Hoffman-La Roche, Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Sanofi, and Schering-Plough.  Upon starting her own business she developed clinical research training programs for research physicians and coordinators.  She standardized the research process across the board for all the clinical sites she established in the southeast and now has joined forces with a highly reputable medical practice in South Carolina, with the addition of a stand alone research center.

Over the years, Ms. Moran’s work has played an integral role in the development of therapeutic advancements for the management of a plurality of diseases which includes: Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease, Arthritis, Pulmonary disease, and Cancer.    She was part of the clinical team that developed the following drug therapies which includes:  Atorvastatin,  Starlix, and the innovative Cypher Coated Stent used by Cardiologists and  pioneered by Johnson & Johnson. 

Principal Investigators:  All our PI's are Medical Doctors that have extensive experience in the clinical care of patients and  are experts in research protocols.   Each PI is required to do training in Good Clinical Practice and all are CITI Certified.   Some of our collaborating physicians  work with us in our own facility , while others will see you in their own medical practice.  Regardless, you will receive treatment from a board certified medical doctor and in most cases it will be your own physician that has recommended that you participate in a clinical research study.   Your doctor will medically manage you throughout the entire research study and for some time after the study ends to ensure you are doing well.  Call us today to see what new treatments are out there that may help you or just stop by to visit for a free health screening.

Volunteer Today

We are always open to you and your questions. All research is voluntary and you may discontinue at any point in time with no questions asked.  That is your right as a study participant.  Call us today to discuss how participating in research may help you.... 908-878-1844.  We will schedule you for a visit and talk to you about research and determine if you qualify for a current study.

What Types of Studies does Einstein Conduct?

While Einstein Clinical started in Cardiology, we  have branched out into Neurology with our focus on Alzheimer's, in addition we provide  therapies for Pain Management,  Dementia, Diabetes, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Allergies, just to name a few. 

About Us


Compassionate Research and Healthcare

Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care while you participate in a clinical study.  We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your care during the process and value your contribution towards research.


Modern Combination of a Medical Research Practice

Einstein Combines cutting edge research under one roof of your PCP and Specialist.  This provides the added advantage of obtaining medical care and having access to new medications, all under one roof.


State of the Art equipment

Besides having a state of the art facility, our staff and research physicians are highly experienced in both traditional medicine and research protocols.  Each has gone through rigorous training to become certified to work in clinical research and has a broad understanding of adhering to Good Clinical Practices as regulated by the FDA.


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Double Locked IP Storage

At our Clinical Research Center, We offer a Separate Double locked IP storage Room which houses both a Pharmacy grade calibrated refrigerator with  digital readout  and a separate drug cabinet with temperature managed electronically and calibrated to ensure successful clinical trials.


Exam Rooms

Three large exam rooms fully outfitted for research, each has a  calibrated EKG machine, calibrated centrifuge, blood drawing station and  pharmacy grade freezer which is locked  for blood storage (pk samples) and dry ice.


Facility, Equipment and CLIA Waiver

-20 degrees Celsius Freezer

Pharmaceutical Grade Refrigerator with digital Read out

Double locked drug storage

Calibrated Centrifuge

Laboratory for blood drawing, processing and storage.

Wi-Fi accessible

Conference Room for monitoring

Coordinator Office

Current CLIA Waiver

Physicians Scale

EKG Machine

Calibrated BP Cuffs

Large Locked Storage area for patient records and case report forms

Direct Access to Physicians database for patients charts and information

Coordinator and physician Training Rooms

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Please call ahead for an appointment if you are not currently enrolled in a research study.   Your research location may be in North or South Carolina, Otherwise all hours are by appointment only.